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Pilex Tablets

Piles or hemorrhoid is an ailment that affects many individuals. It is a condition where the blood vessels in the interior of the anal region or lower rectum gets inflamed and swollen. It can cause acute pain, bleeding and itching. If the hemorrhoid originates at the top of the anal canal, it is an internal hemorrhoid. If it originates at the lower end of the anal canal near the anus, it is an external hemorrhoid.  Internal hemorrhoids usually do not cause pain, but may bleed painlessly. External hemorrhoids can become inflamed, turning red and can cause acute pain. Putting pressure on the rectal area can aggravate this condition. Formations of piles in an individual could be because of constipation problems, hereditary, pregnancy or age related issues. Piles are graded according to their severity and length of prolapse (fall out).

  • Grade 1: Protruding piles, but they do not prolapse out of the anal canal
  • Grade 2: Hemorrhoids usually fall out of the anal canal during bowel movement but goes back in after the process
  • Grade 3: Hemorrhoids has to be pushed back in as it does not retreat by itself
  • Grade 4: Hemorrhoids remain prolapsed

Treatments vary according to the grades of the hemorrhoids. Although medicated products work well in addressing this condition, many people opt for herbal products to aid in the healing process of piles.

Ayurveda and piles

According to Ayurveda, Arsha (piles) are caused due to the imbalance in the three doshas – kapha, vata and the pitta. It is classified according to the dominant dosha:

  • Vata Arsha (Hemorrhoids having vata dominance)
  • Pitta Arsha (Hemorrhoids having pitta dominance)
  • Kapha Arsha (Hemorrhoids having kapha dominance)
  • Tridosha Arsha (Hemorrhoids having tridosha dominance)

The dominant dosha is pacified to bring about the balance of the three doshas. Sedentary lifestyles and poor diet are important causative factors for hemorrhoids. Treatments are carried out only after ascertaining the nature of the hemorrhoids. Once the hemorrhoids are evaluated, treatment is carried out by local application of herbal creams and ointments, oral intake of herbal medicines, cautherisation, etc.

Pilex tablet is an herbal medicine formulated by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare for the treatment of piles. It is a safe and effective medicine and, when taken in the prescribed dosage, can help in reducing the pain and discomfort caused by piles.

Kmowing more about Pilex tablet

Pilex tablets are formulated from a blend of herbal plants that have anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties. It checks bleeding and discharge caused by the hemorrhoids. It helps in reducing the size of hemorrhoid mass. It controls itching and expedites healing. Taking Pilex tablets has also been known to aid in the fast relief from constipation. With regular consumption of this herbal product, an individual can get fast relief from the symptoms of piles.

Ingredients of Pilex tablets

Pilex tablet is a polyherbal formulation with ingredients that are effective in reducing the engorgement of the veins and capillaries, thus reducing pain at the time of defecation. Some of the primary ingredients and their respective uses are listed in the table below:

Ingredient Use
Guggulu has anti-inflammatory properties
Shilajeet helps improve blood circulation, boosts immunity
Nimba seeds relieves pain, heals wounds
Daruharidra relieves itching, has anti-inflammatory properties
Amlaki prevents constipation, enhances immune function
Haritaki aids in digestion, reduces swelling
Vibhitaki acts as a laxative and astringent
Argvadha acts as a laxative
Kanchanara purifies blood, has anti-bacterial and hepato-protective properties
Nagkesara acts as an astringent, retards or stops bleeding

Effective remedies for piles

For most people, piles are a cause of embarrassment and they prefer to suffer at home than seek medical attention. At times like these, fast and effective remedies are needed to alleviate the pain and discomfort felt when suffering from piles. Below are some remedies that will help you overcome your disorder.

  • Blend white radish with fresh milk to attain the consistency of paste. Application of this paste on the hemorrhoids is said to relieve pain and swelling.
  • Having fiber rich food helps to soften stools making it easier to pass.
  • Applying ice packs several times a day can reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • Cleansing the anal area with a cotton ball soaked in chilled witch hazel can help in decreasing the swellings.
  • Using a blend of essential oils, lavender, lemon or rosemary mixed with almond oil and applied on the hemorrhoids can help in getting relief from the pain.

A lifestyle modification along with a good diet and herbal medicine like Pilex tablet can help treat your piles and restore your life to normalcy.

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