Ficosan Kashayam Shampoo: Benefits, Ingredients, Indications, Usage, Side effects, Precautions, Research Papers, and FAQs


Ficosan is a pure natural shampoo, prepared from exotic herbs. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives.


Ficus religiosa Bark Decoction 75 ml
Ficus bengalensis Bark Decoction 75 ml
Ficus racemosa Bark Decoction 75 ml
Ficus microcarpa Bark Decoction 75 ml
Murraya koenigii Leaf Juice 25 ml
Tragia involucrata Leaf Juice 25 ml

Shampoo base q.s


Hairfall, Dandruff


Mix the shampoo with cold water and apply over the scalp and hair and wash using cold water.

Side effects

No side effects reported.


Please avoid getting into eyes and mouth.

Research Papers


  1. How often I use Ficosan?  Once or twice a week is good.
  2. Is it mandatory to use hair oil before using Ficosan? No. You can apply directly without any hair oil.
  3. Can I use my regular shampoo for daily use and Ficosan once in a week? It’s better to avoid chemical shampoos and if you need, the daily use of Ficosan is also possible.

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