Rheumed Soft Gel Capsules- Benefits, ingredients, indications, dosage, side effects, precautions, research papers and FAQs

Rheumed Soft Gel Capsules

Benefits of Rheumed Soft Gel capsules (NIM-E)

According to Ayurveda there are three phases of treatment

Phase I

Reduce pain and inflammation ( Ama pachana)

Phase II

Treating the disease ( Vyadhi vipareetha/ Prakruthi sthapana)

Phase III

Prevent the disease ( Rasayana/ Apunarbhava)

Rheumed is indicated in the first phase of management. Eranda being the base of preparation, Rheumed can be a choice of medicine in treating the diseases connected with madhyama and abhyanthara ( Koshta) roga margas. Rheumed is mainly kaphahara and vatanulomana in nature and works in symptoms with Pitha relations. Pitha relation is identified when there is severe pain, pain is intolerable, increased pain in night and acidity. Rheumed is having all the effect of Gugguluthikaka ghritha and can be administered in patients to whom ghee is contraindicated.

Why Rheumed in the first phase of treatment?

Kapha samanam+ Agnideepanam+ Ama pachanam + Vathanulomanam

Action on four srothas ( body channels) a) Moothravaha srothas  b) Pureeshavaha srothas c) Aarthavaha srothas  d) Asthivaha srothas

Best choice in diseases connected with madhyama and abhyanthara or koshta roga marga.

Site specificity of erandam

Anupana visheshtwam of Eranda.

Soolhara ( pain management) property of Eranda.

Combination effect of Theekshna ( Kapha Samanam) + Ushna ( Vata Samanam) drugs without aggravating Pitha.


Gugguluthiktaka Oil in Eranda tailam.

Research Papers

ROLE OF GUGGULUTIKTAKA GHRITA IN THE MANAGEMENT OF OSTEOARTHRITIS W.S.R. TO KNEE JOINT study conducted by Babasaheb D. Patil1, Manoj L. Sonaj published in IJRAP 4(1), Jan–Feb 2013 concudes the  that administration  of  Guggulutiktaka  Ghrita  is  an  effective medicine  in reduction  of  pain, swelling,  tenderness and restrictions  to  movements  without  any  noxious  effect which is very important.

Rheumed ( NIM- E) some *observed results.

1 Eczema/Psoriasis/Crack foot/ Dryness Panchathiktakam kashayam + Rheumed
2 Soft tissue rheumatism/ inflammatory joint diseases Pachanamrutham kashayam / Rasnerandadi kashayam + Rheumed
3 Migrane Pathyashadagam Kashayam + Rheumed

*from doctors during their clinical practice.

Please note this was not obtained from a clinical study of WHO specifications and not a scientific data with any clinical endorsement.


Avoid day sleep, over exertion, junk foods.

Side Effects

No side effects reported.


Vegetarian diet.

Use less carbohydrate, less fatty foods with plenty of leafy vegetables, fresh salads and water.


Two capsules twice daily before food or as directed by the physician.

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