Fleximed Capsules- Benefits, Ingredients, Indications, Dosage, Side effects, Precautions, Research Papers, and FAQs.

Fleximed Soft Gel capsules (NIR-E)

Benefits of Fleximed Capsules

According to Ayurveda there are three phases of treatment

Phase I

Reduce pain and inflammation ( Ama pachana)

Phase II

Treating the disease ( Vyadhi vipareetha/ Prakruthi sthapana)

Phase III

Prevent the disease ( Rasayana/ Apunarbhava)

Fleximed is indicated in the first phase of management. Eranda being the base of preparation, Fleximed can be a choice of medicine in treating the diseases connected with madhyama and abhyanthara ( Koshta) roga margas. Fleximed is mainly kaphahara and vatanulomana in nature and works in specific sites like low back, perinium, buttocks, genitals etc ( trika prishta kadi guhya parswa payu).

Why Fleximed in the first phase of treatment?

Kapha samanam+ Agnideepanam+ Ama pachanam + Vathanulomanam

Action on four srothas ( body channels) a) Moothravaha srothas  b) Pureeshavaha srothas c) Aarthavaha srothas  d) Asthivaha srothas

Best choice in diseases connected with madhyama and abhyanthara or koshta roga marga.

Site specificity of erandam

Anupana visheshtwam of Eranda.

Soolhara ( pain management) property of Eranda.

Combination effect of Theekshna ( Kapha Samanam) + Ushna ( Vata Samanam) drugs without aggravating Pitha.


Nirgundi Erandam in Soft Gel Capsule

Eranda taila processed with Vitex negundo juice.


Sciatica, Lumbar spondylosis, Constipation, Haemorrhoids, PCOS.

Research Papers

Study on analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of Vitex negundo Linn

 study by RS Telang, S Chatterjee, C Varshneya published in Indian Journal of Pharmacology Year : 1999  |  Volume : 31  |  Issue : 5  |  Page : 363-366 confirms the analgesic and anti- inflammatory action of Vitex negundo leaf extracts.

Fleximed ( NIR- E) some *observed results.

1 Lumbar spondylosis/ IVDP Rasnasaptakam/ Sapthasara/ Gandharvahastadi/ Pachanamrutha                  + Fleximed
2 Spinal Fasciitis Nirgundyadi kashyam/ Rasnasaptaka   + Fleximed
3 Cervical Spondylosis Dhanadanayanadi/ Rasnerandadi         + Fleximed
4 Recurrent/ chronic Jwara/ Kasa/ Allergic Rhinitis Pathyadi/ Vyaghrayadi/ Dasamulakaduthryam + Fleximed
5 PCOD    Drakshadi kashayam/ Sapthasaram/ Nirgundi + Fleximed
6 Amenorrhoea  Sukumaram  + Fleximed
7 Acid peptic disorders  Aragwadhamruthadi+ Fleximed
8 Parotid gland enlargement/lymphatic edema/ Adenoiditis/ cystic swelling Concerned decoction + Fleximed
9 Urinary calculi Brihatyadi + Fleximed
10 For making purgation Four  Fleximed capsules at bed time

*from doctors during their clinical practice.

Please note this was not obtained from a clinical study of WHO specifications and not scientific data with any clinical endorsement.

Side Effects

No side effects reported.


Use less carbohydrate, less fatty foods with plenty of leafy vegetables, fresh salads and water.


Two capsules twice daily before food or as directed by the physician.

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