Dasamoolam kashayam- benefits, ingredients, indications, dose, side effects, research papers

Benefits of Dasamoolam kashayam
Dasamoolam kashayam is used in acute pain and distension of abdomen, especially in elderly people.
It is very effective in the flare up of asthma. It works as a good expectorant, removes the phlegm and clears airways.
It is useful in many kinds of heart diseases.
It is found useful in treating Kapha-Vata dominant fevers when added with other formulations.
It is Vaatanulomana. It relieves constipation and improves digestive fire.
By improving digestion, this kashayam improves taste and appetite; bio availability of nutrients in the food also enhanced. Hence general health improved.
It is also effective in sinusitis and headache.

ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE- Ayurveda Treatment, Diet,

Alzheimer’s disease is a condition characterized by the degeneration of neuronal cells in the brain resulting in dementia (loss of memory), altered thinking, and behavioral patterns. It is the most common cause of cognitive impairment in the elderly (The incidence and prevalence of the disease increases exponentially after 60 years of age, doubling in every 5 years). The pathogenesis and Ayurveda treatment of Alzheimer’s disease may be formulated regarding some of the disease models mentioned in the classical Ayurveda texts. The pathology of Alzheimer’s disease involves the degeneration of Kapala majja(brain) by vata resulting in the impairment of mental faculties like memory (smriti ), cognition (buddhi ), etc.

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