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Promactil capsules are unique Ayurvedic combination which is having rejuvinative (rasayana) and vajeekarana (aphrodisiac).  It is a tonic to stimulate, rejuvenate and nourish the body’s reproductive tissues. It improves strength, boosts the immune system responses and promotes overall health of the body.

It improves sperm count, sperm motility and corrects the morphological damages of sperms.

The ingredients helps to relieve tension and helps to relax the mind. It also maintain the hormonal balance.

INDICATIONS of Promactil Capsule

  • Male infertility


Sl. NoBotanical name of IngredientsProperties
1Gmelina arboreaDigestive, corrects the movement of vata, rejuvinative
2Mucuna pruriensIt is aphrodisiac and rejuvinative
3Asteracantha longifoliaIt reduces oedema, blood purifier
4Cephalandra indicaUseful in depletion of body tissues, weight loss, swelling, etc
5Emblica officinalisAnti-oxidant, rejuvinative and aphrodisiac
6Terminalia chebularejuvinative
7Vitis viniferaNutritive, improves blood count, rejuvinative
8Curcuma longaAnti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, blood purifier, immune modulator
9Berberis aristataAnti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, blood purifier, rejuvinative
10Cassia sopheraRejuvinative, aphrodisiac
11Tinospora cordifoliaReducesbody heat, blood purifier, rejuvinative
12Strobilanthus ciliatusIt alleviates vitiated vata, reduces burning sensation
13Ficus hispidaGalactagogue, useful in bleeding disorders, burning sensation
14Boerhaavia diffusaReduces swelling, anti-inflammatory, rejuvinative
15Sida cordifoliaRejuvinative, improve strength, normalises vata dosha
16Rubia cordifoliaBlood purifier
17Cycas sp.Nutritive, strengthening, relieves thirst
18Glycyrrhiza glabraRejuvinative, improves sperm count
19Saussurea lapparejuvinative and aphrodisiac
20Polygonatum verticillatumRejuvinative, aphrodisiac, nutritive, improve strength
21Holostemma adakodienNourishes body tissues, Rejuvinative, aphrodisiac, nutritive, improve strength
22Fritillaria royleanaRejuvinative, aphrodisiac, nutritive, improve strength
23Withania somniferaNourishes body tissues, Rejuvinative, aphrodisiac, nutritive, improve strength
24Trachyspermum ammiCorrects digestion and metabolism
25Picrorhiza kurroaIn treatment of fever, anti-inflammatory
26Kaempferia rotundaNutritive, improve strength, anti-inflammatory,
27Santalum albumReduces body heat
28Pterocarpus santalinusUseful in sexual disorders
29Asparagus racemosusNourishing to tissues, aphrodisiac, rejuvinative
30GheeNourishing to tissues, aphrodisiac, rejuvinative


2 capsule twice daily for one or two months or as directed by the physician


Soft gel capsules, in blister pack of 10 capsules


Kerala Ayurveda


The yoga postures are desirable for this condition because I help to maintain a balance between body and mind which is very crucial in infertility management.

  • Merudhandasana
  • Paschimothanasana
  • Sarvangasana
  • Halasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Naukasana
  • Bhastrika pranayama
  • Kapalbadi
  • Anuloma viloma pranayama


Aphrodisiac action of Mucuna prurieens

Action of Withania somnifera

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