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Charak Garlill Tablet is a very potent proprietary Ayurvedic medicine used in treatment of abdominal pain,distension of abdomen, flatulence and related abdominal discomforts manufactured by Charak Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

INDICATIONS of Garlill Tablet

Charak Garlill Tablet is indicated in conditions like,

  • Abdominal distension
  • Flatulence
  • Abdominal pain
  • Belching
  • Bloating


Sl. No.Sanskrit nameLatin NameProperties
1Sauvarchala lavanaBlack saltHas hot potency, clears channels. Relieves constipation, bloating, abdominal pain and tumors
2Purified KupeeluStrychnos nux-vomicaBalances vata kapha dosha. Increases pitha dosha. Useful in intestinal worm infestation, abdominal tumours, bloating, hemorrhoids, diarrhoea. Improves taste and digestion.
3Purified hinguFerula asafoetidaBalances vata kapha dosha. Increases pitha dosha. Is carminative, digestive. Useful in abdominal colic pain,tumours, ascites, bloating, constipation and worm infestation.
4LasunaAllium sativumBalances vata kapha dosha. Increases pitha dosha. Useful in indigestion, abdominal tumours, worm infestations, hemorrhoids. Relieves abdominal pain, constipation, anorexia.
5SarivaHemidesmus indicusBalances tridosha. Has coolant action. Useful in diarrhoea, itching, menorrhagia. Improves digestion, relieves ama dosha and is anti toxic.
6LatakaranjaCaesalpinia bonducellaBalances tridosha. Useful in diarrhoea, haemorrhoids. Relieves worm infestation.
7SuntiZingiber officinaleHas anti inflammatory, anti bacterial properties. Improves digestion, relieves abdominal pain, useful in treating piles
8VidangaEmbelia ribesBalances kapha vata dosha. It helps in intestinal motility, useful in worm infestation, improves appetite.Useful in abdominal colic pain, distension, ascites, bloating
9KatukiPicorrhiza kurroaBalances kapha pitha dosha, relieves burning sensation, useful in anorexia.Causes purgation, improves digestion and metabolism
10HareetakiTerminalia chebulaBalances tridosha. Improves digestion, useful in ascites, worm infestation, inflammation, skin diseases, gastritis, obesity. Boosts immunity.
11KutajaHolarrhena anti-dysentricaBalances kapha pitha dosha. Useful in treating irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea. Treats burning sensation, nourishes dhathus.
12KumariAloe barbadensisBalances tridosha. Useful in constipation, abdominal tumours, bloating. Has mild laxative action, useful in haemorrhoids.

Most of the drugs have carminative, anti spasmodic properties. Useful in abdominal discomforts like flatulence, bloating. Has mild laxative action.


 As directed by the physician.


Simple yoga postures, meditation and pranayama are useful.


Light and easily digestable foods are preferred.


No known side effects. However it is better to be used under medical supervision.


Charak Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

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