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Femiplex tablet is an Ayurvedic remedy for female genital tract infections. The drugs in Femiplex tablet is having anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties and so help to cure genital tract infections in females. It relieves itchiness and excessive vaginal discharge thus maintaining a healthy vagina. This helps to restore normal vaginal flora.

INDICATIONS of Femiplex tablets

  • Vaginitis
  • Leucorrhoea

INGREDIENTS of Femiplex Tablet

Loha bhasmaIncinerated iron and useful in anaemia, excessive bleeding and discharge
Trivang bhasmas(tin)It is useful in leucorrhoea, and has action in uterus, overies, testes and urinary bladder
Purified alumIt is anti-septic and reduces discharge
Commiphora myrrhaUseful in leucorrhoea and heavy bleeding
Mandur bhama (iron slag)haematinic
Mesua ferreaRelieves inflammation, useful in treating leucorrhoea
Smilax chinaIt is anti-septic and anti-bacterial
Hibiscus rosasinensisIt is absorbent, useful in treating heavy periods
Swarna makshika bhasmasIt is rejuvinative, used in treating diabetes, infertility
Amaranthus spinosusUseful in excess menstrual bleeding, general debility
Nelumbium speciosumIt is absorbent and have cold potency, useful in bleeding disorders
Coriandrum sativumIt is cold potency and relives burning sensation and inflammation
Asparagus racemosusIt is cold potency, relieves inflammation, burning sensation, and excess discharge through vagina
Putrnjiva roxburgiiHave peculiar action in geenito-urinary system
Symplocos racemosaIt is astringent and used to treat vaginal discharges and heavy bleeding
Lawsonia albaUsed to treat ulcers and bleeding disorders
Tribulus terrestrisIt is having action in genito-urinary system, relieves infection and anti-inflammatory
Woodfordia fruticosaIt is used in treating bleeding disorders, astringent
Cuminum cyminumIt is a digestive and enhance metabolism
Godanti bhasmaIt is cold and is astringent, anti-septic
Saraca indicaIt is astringent and used to treat leucorrhoea
Berberis aristataAnti-septic, cures infection
Ficus glomerataAnti-septic, anti-bacterial, relieves inflammation and burning sensation
Bombax malabaricaHaving haemostatic property and used in menorrhagia
Abroma augustaUsed to treat gynaecological disorders
Mukta sukti bhasmaIt is cold and relieves burning sensation
Purified asphaltumAction in genito urinary system


2 tablets 2 to 3 times daily till the symptoms subsides


Charak Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai, India


  • Always follow healthy diet inclusive of fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid fried and spicy food
  • Junk foods, carbonated drinks
  • Avoid night awakening and excess day sleep
  • Maintain cleanliness of vagina and try to keep the area dry


Action of Symplocus racemosa

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