AYURCHEM IMMUNOL TABLET- Benefits, Ingredients, Indications, Dosage, Usage, Preparation, Side effects, Equivalent Medicines, Research Papers

Immunol tablet is an Ayurvedic patent medicine by Ayurchem intended for imparting immunity to the body. It is available in tablet as well as syrup form.


  • It is an anti-oxidant and reduces damages caused by reactive oxygen species.
  • Promotes immunity
  • Enhances detoxification and stimulates phagocytosis
  • It is useful against drug-resistant organisms
  • Acts as a rejuvenator


Given as an immunomodulator drug in immuno-compromised conditions


Sl no.IngredientsScientific nameproperties
1AmritaTinospora cordifoliaHigh rich in antioxidants, anti-viral and antipyretic properties
2GokshuraTribulus terrestrisImproves strength and immunity
3AmalakiEmblica officinalisIt improves strength, rejuvenating, promotes immunity and is a potent antioxidant
4VidangaEmbelia ribesAnti-microbial action. rejuvenating
5TrikatuPiper longum Piper nigrum Zingiber officinalisIt cures tissue toxins and helps the medicine to act properly


Tablets: 2 tablets twice daily after food


Children: 2 teaspoons twice daily

Infants: 1 teaspoon twice daily


Tablet: Blister packing of 20 tablets

Syrup: 100 ml bottle




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