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Ayurchem Forliv Tablet is an Ayurvedic patent medicine that aims to restore the health of the liver. It improves tissue oxidation and restores liver function. This medicine stimulates hepatocellular regeneration. It is an anti-oxidant and detoxifies the metabolic toxins, thus preventing drug-induced toxicities also.


  • Fatty liver
  • Jaundice
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Hepatitis
  • Drug-induced hepatotoxicity

Forliv tablet and Forliv syrup are available


Sl. No.IngredientsScientific nameproperties
1AmritaTinospora cordifoliaImprove digestion, strength, astringent and anti-oxidant
2BringarajEclipta albaIt is astringent and liver tonic
3KutajaHolarrhena antidysentricaDetoxifies blood, improves digestion, bleeding disorders
4KalmeghAndrographis paniculataLiver tonic, useful in jaundice, hepatitis
5PunarnavaBoerhavia diffusaUseful in inflammation, it is liver protective and anti-oxidant
6KatukaPicrorhiza kurroaBitter taste drug renowned for its action as liver tonica
7MadayanthikaLawsonia inermisUseful in bleeding disorders, liver disorders, jaundice etc.
8TrivritOperculina turpethumIt is anulomana or corrects vata movements
9DaruharidraBerberis aristataAnti-oxidant, anti-toxic properties
10ChitrakPlumbago zeylanicaDigestive and liver-protective. Relieves ama(metabolic toxins)
11VidangaEmbelia ribesEffective against worms, liver and digestive diseases
12RohitakaTeomella undulataDiseases of the spleen, ascitis, bloating, abdominal disorders
13PathaCissampelos pareiraThe anti-toxic effect, relieves vomiting, abdominal disorders
14nimbaAzadiracta indicaBitter tasted drug with a specific action in hepatocellular system


Forliv tablet:  one tablet thrice daily after food

Feeroliv syrup:

Adult: 2 teaspoon thrice daily

Children: 1 teaspoon thrice daily

The dose can be finalised considering the disease and strength of the patient


Tablet: blister pack of 20 tablets

Syrup: 170 ml bottle


It is desirable to avoid high fatty food, fried and junk foods. Also, avoid alcoholic beverages.


Yoga postures like padmasana, vajrasana, sukhasana, gomukhasana have a healthy influence on the digestive system and improve blood circulation to abdominal organs and so can be adopted.


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