AYURCHEM AMOREX CAPSULES- Benefits, Ingredients, Indications, Dosage, Usage, Preparation, Side effects, Equivalent Medicines, Research Papers

Amorex capsule is an Ayurvedic proprietary drug manufactured by Ayurchem products. This formulation is found to be effective in secondary amenorrhea. It helps to normalise the menstrual cycle. It can also be given in oligomenorrhea and dysmenorrhea. It seems to restore the pH of vaginal secretions. It corrects the metabolism of a non-pregnant uterus and brings it to normalcy. It also relieves associated stress in some gynaecological conditions and reduces weakness.


Sl No.DrugScientific nameProperties
1KarpasamoolGossypium herbaceumAphrodisiac and nerve tonic. Its decoction used in amenorrhea
2ChitrakmoolPlumbago zeylanicaDigestive, carminative, anti-colic and normalises vata
3SapsanIshwari aristolochiaUseful in painful menstruation
4GajarbeejDaucus carotaSeeds act abortifacient, used in treating colicky pain.
5ElioElettaria cardomomumRelieves dysuria, body ache, anti-oxidant activity
6TankanaBoraxRelieves abdominal colic, induces menstruation and improve menstrual flow
7HinguFerula asafoetidaIt restores normal movement of vata, natural blood thinning
8Kaseesa bhasmaFerrous sulphateIt cures anaemia, primary and secondary anaemia.

These drugs are then processed in drugs like Satab (Ruta graveolans), Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi) and Kalonji (nigella sativa)


One two capsule drug can be given twice daily considering the condition of the patient and stage of the disease. One capsule each can be given thrice daily also.


Blister packing of 9 capsules.

Adverse effects

In some rare cases, symptoms like tiredness and dry mouth may occur. If the symptoms persist, it is ideal to discontinue the medicine and seek the advice of the doctor.


It is desirable to avoid drugs that are so spicy and fried. Can include fruits like pomegranate, grapes, etc. and vegetables. Adequate intake of water is also necessary.

Exercise and Yoga

The exercise which strengthens pelvic muscles has to be done.

Yoga postures,

  • Bhujangasana
  • Pavanamukthasana
  • Paschimothanasana
  • Naukasana
  • Sethubandhasana
  • Sooryanamaskara
  • Ardhamatsyendrasana

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