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Manasamitra vatakam is an ayurvedic formulation that is prepared from very effective herbs. This herbal formulation is very efficient to treat mental illness and disorders. This unique preparation is widely acclaimed to address the stress and related disorders safely.

BENEFITS OF Manasamitra Vatakam

  • Reduces Stress
  • Balances Tridosa
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Improve Brain Functions
  • Improves Speech

 INDICATIONS OF Manasa mitra Vatakam

  • Epilepsy
  • Seizures
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Schizophrenia

INGREDIENTS OF Manasa mitra Vatakam

Each 10 mg contains:

1BalaSida cordifoliaRoot48gm
2NagabalaGrewia hirsutaFlower48gm
3BilwaAegle marmelosRoot48gm
4PrishnaparniUraria pictaRoot48gm
5SankhapushpiConvolvulus pluricaulisWhole plant48gm
6KukundaraBlumea lacera 48gm
7PushkarmoolaInula racemosaRoot48gm
8VachaAcorus calamusRhizome48gm
9Shweta chandanSantalum albumWood48gm
10Rakta ChandanPterocarpus santalinusWood48gm
11PippaliPiper longumFruit48gm
12KarpuraCinnamomum camphoraNiryasa48gm
13ElaElettaria cardamomumSeed48gm
14NirgundiVitex negundoLeaf48gm
15MusthaCyprus rotundusRhizome48gm
16RasnaPluchea lanceolataRhizome48gm
17PadmakesaraNelumbo nuciferaSeed48gm
18JivakaMalaxis acuminataLeaf48gm
19RishabhakaMicrostylis musciferaRoots48gm
20KakoliRoscoea proceraRoots48gm
21BrihatiSolanum indicumWhole plant48gm
22BhunimbaAndrographis paniculataWhole plant48gm
23AragwadhaCassia fistulaBark48gm
24ParushakaGrewia asiaticaSeeds48gm
25GuduchiTinospora cordifoliaStem48gm
26JivantiLeptadenia reticulataLeaf48gm
27AshwagandhaWithania somniferaRhizome48gm
28HaridraCurcuma longaRhizome48gm
29UsiraVetiveria zizanioidesRoot48gm
30DrakshaVitis viniferaFruit48gm
31YastimadhuGlycyrrhiza glabra 48gm
32RiddhiHabenaria intermediaFruit48gm
33VriddhiHabenaria intermediaFruit48gm
34DurvaCynodon dactylonLeaf48gm
35HamsapadiAdiantum philippenseSeed48gm
36KatphalaMyrica esculentaFlower48gm
37LavangaSyzygium aromaticumFruit48gm
38TulasiOcimum sanctumLeaf48gm
39KeasaraCrocus sativusFlower48gm

Method of Preparation:

Powder all ingredients individually and mix all together later, Triturate this powder mixture with the liquids and make it as a paste. Make the pills from this paste.

Points to be noted:

Mineral origins  like Pravala ,Loha Bhasma, Shilajatu were also included as the major ingredients.

  • Samanya Sodhana of Pravala Bhasma

Pravala added either with cow’s milk or with the blood of rabbit is placed under the rays of the moon for 3 days to remove blemishes.

  • Samanya Sodhana of Shilajit

This can be purified by placing it in an iron pot and adding cow milk, Triphala decoction, or bhangra juice to it. Keep this mixture for 24 hours then grind it and dry it in sunlight.

DOSE WITH USAGE OF Manasa mitra Vatakam

1 – 2 tablets once or twice a day before or after food with milk. For better results consult a qualified Ayurveda doctor.

EXERCISE AND YOGA FOR Manasa mitra Vatakam

Swimming, aerobic, walking, etc can be practiced.

Pranayama is the best yoga can adopt here.


Diets include Leafy green vegetables, whole grains, walnuts, Fatty fish.

Research paper on Manasa mitra Vatakam

Preliminary GC – MS Analysis and Antioxidant study of one Ayurvedic Medicine – Manasamitra Vatakam by Sivakumaran G, Mudiganti Ram Krishna RAO, Prabhu K, Kalaiselvi vs, sumathi jones, Johnson wm, J antony published in Int.J.Pharm.Sci.Rev.Res.37 (1) March – April 2016.

Reference of Manasa mitra Vatakam

Sahasrayoga Gutika Prakarana 68, AFI Vol 1

Brands available of Manasa mitra Vatakam

Kottakkal, Amruta Drugs, Vaidyaratnam, Nagarjuna


Till now side effects were not reported,  Overdose may cause a burning sensation in the stomach, but use under the supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor for better results.


Manasa mitra Vatakam is a tablet used in the Ayurvedic treatment of psychiatric conditions, to improve intelligence, speech problems, etc. This medicine is formulated based on Kerala Ayurveda principles.

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