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Herbomineral Vegetarian Tablets for Viral Infections

ZingiVir H Tablet
Oral Tablets of 500 mg each X 10 numbers in a strip X 3 – Total 30 Tablets in a box.
Appearance: Greyish brown coloured circular smooth surfaced tablet
Ingredients of ZingiVir H Tablet

Sl NoSanskrit NameLatin NameUseful PartPresence
1LavangaEugenia caryophyllusDry Flower Bud55 mg
2ArdrakaZingiber officinaleRhizome Extract200 mg
3MusthaCyperus rotundusDry Rhizome Powder35 mg
4ParpatakaHedyotis corymbosaDry Plant Powder30 mg
5AjamodaTrachyspermum ammiDry Seed Powder60 mg
6HingulamPurified Hg SMineral Powder20 mg
7HaritalaPurified Ar2S3Mineral Powder10 mg
8Starch  90 mg
Ingredients of ZingiVir-H Tablets

Dosage of ZingiVir H Tablet

Please consult our consultant Dr. Rajesh Nair ( or Whatsapp ++ 91 8075810816 for specific dosage depending on your age, and general health conditions.
Indications of ZingiVir H Tablet

Fever, Viral Diseases, Bronchitis, Acute Respiratory Tract Infections

Contraindications of ZingiVir H Tablet

Persons allergic to the ingredients of this herbal tablet, Renal diseases, Liver Diseases, Auto immune diseases, immune compromised patients. Children below 3 years, pregnant ladies, and lactating mothers.
Possible Side Effects/ Adverse effects of ZingiVir H Tablet
As the tablet does not contain any harsh chemicals, there is no adverse reactions expected. Due to the presence of purifies and detoxified herbo-minerals, there may be chances of mild gastritis, changes in bowel movements and mild acidity.

Special note related to minerals added in this combination
Dose of HgS(Hingulam) and As2S3 (Haritala) is designed in sucha a way that there is no possibility of cumulative toxicity upon continuous usage of ZingiVir H for a maximum period of 15 days. The dosage regimen is calculated scientifically & pharmacological to ensure the best bio availability and efficacy, and at the same time protect the body from any type of over dosage/ cumulative toxicity, ensuring normal biological clearance. The detoxification and purification methods are strictly followed as per the classical text of Siddha and Ayurvedic references. Strict quality control process is followed during all the process of formulation of the product to avoid any chance of contamination and to keep the product standardized.
Drug Interactions

With modern medicines, it is better to use ZingiVir-H with a spacing of 60 to 90 minutes to avoid any type of possible drug interactions or alterations in the bio availability of both the medicines.

Additional Information

To be taken under medical supervision
Gargling with warm saline water is advised.
Drink boiled warm water and avoid shower.
Avoid chilled food.

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