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Non-cancerous masses that are developed in adrenal glands are known as benign adrenal tumours. Being a part of the endocrine system, the adrenal glands produce and release many important hormones that give instructions to almost all organs and tissues in the body. Adrenal glands are two in number, each situated on the top of each kidney in a human adult. They have two types of tissues cortex and medulla. Benign adrenal tumours that develop in the cortex tissue are called as adrenal adenomas. Those develop on the medulla are called pheochromocytomas.

Most cases of benign adrenal tumours are diagnosed accidentally in a regular check-up or ultrasound. They may exhibit no symptoms and no treatment is needed. When they secrete high levels of some hormones, can lead to complications.

              The typical hormones that are produced in excess are aldosterone & cortisol from the cortex and adrenalin from the medulla. In such cases, benign adrenal tumour treatment may include surgery or medications.

Main signs and symptoms are the following:

  • Bruising
  • Hypertension
  • Weakness
  • Diabetes
  • Low potassium levels
  • Excess hair growth
  • Excessive sweating
  • Obesity or weight loss
  • Stretch marks over the abdomen
  • Depressive mood
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety or recurrent panic attacks
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fat deposits over the neck area
  • Palpitations

Causes of Adrenal tumours

The exact cause of adrenal tumours is not known yet. Some genetic factors are considered connected with the condition including:

  • Carney complex
  • Li Fraumeni syndrome
  • Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2
  • Neurofibromatosis type 1

Treatment of Benign adrenal tumours

If the tumour is small and not causing any issues, only close monitoring with regular scans will be needed. No medicines are given in those cases.

If the tumour is causing functional anomalies, they should be removed surgically. It is applicable to both small and big tumours.

Complications of medicine & treatment

  • Bleeding can develop after surgery.
  • Increased stress hormones can make the condition worse.
  • If radiation therapy is done, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and skin rashes may develop.
  • In chemotherapy, loss of hair, severe fatigue, higher chances of infection, nausea & vomiting, and loss of appetite may present as adverse reaction. All these require symptomatic management.

Ayurvedic Concept of Benign adrenal tumours

                             Any benign growth or mass in the body without inflammatory responses can be connected to the term Granthi in Ayurveda. Benign adrenal tumours can be considered as Kaphaja granthi considering its structural presentation. Functionally, if hormonal imbalance is present, Pitta involvement also is there. Kaphaja granthi develops due to long term use of diet and routine which cause vitiation of doshas, mainly Kaphadosha and medodhatu.

Due to the causative factors, vitiated doshas (mainly increased Kapha and thereby obstructed Vaata) vititate dhatus Maamsa and Raktha. These vitiated doshas along with mamsa & rakta again vitiate medodhatu with special increase in Kaphadosha and develop kaphajagranthi.They appear as  round, &raised lump in the body. They will be whitish or skin colour and painless. Upon touch they feel hard like a rock. They are very slow in development & gaining size. When pierced, white thick fatty tissue discharge may come out.      

Ayurvedic Nidana of Benign adrenal tumours

              Causative factors for the vitiation of tridoshas , mainly Kapha & Vaata

              Unwholesome diet

sedentary lifestyle

Ayurvedic treatment for Benign adrenal tumours

              The aim of Ayurvedic treatment in granthi is to remove and expel the kapha dosha blocking the normal functioning of Vaata. This will stop the extra cell formation and the organ starts functioning in the normal way. To eliminate kapha, vamanam and nasyam are done if the patient is suitable. After clearing the obstruction in channels, treatment is given to enhance the tissue formation and development in a normal way. Both internal medicines and external treatments are needed for a long time. In the first stage, the body should be cleared from Aama (metabolic toxic waste products accumulated in the body). This is done by diet restrictions, fasting, and medicines. Sedentary lifestyle & depressive mood should be changed into an active & enthusiastic one. Medicines are given to enhance the digestive fire or Agni. Internal medicines and diet with ushna-teekshna (hot, pungent & penetrating) properties are advised if there is no paaka or pus formation. For complete cure of the existing disease and prevention of recurrence, cleansing therapies called Ayurveda Panchakarma should be administered under expert supervision. The most suitable therapy and herbal medicines are decided after individual examination. Generally, it includes oil massage & intake of medicated ghee or oil as part of Snehana therapy. Then the body is allowed to sweat in Swedana therapy. After this, therapeutic emesis or Vamana should be done in young & strong patients.  For complete cleaning of the gastro-intestinal tract, therapeutic purgation or Virechana with herbal medicines or formulations should also be done. By this, aggravated Pitta dosha is pacified. In conditions where Vaata dosha is aggravated, therapeutic enema or Vastis should be done. This can be done either with herbal oils or decoction mixtures.

Herbal Preparations for Benign adrenal tumours

Varanadi kashayam



              Varasanadi kashayam


              Rasnadi choornam

Side effect management in Benign adrenal tumours by Ayurveda

                             Major discomforts & complications may develop after surgery of Benign adrenal tumours. Ayurveda can help in cases of anaemia followed by excess blood loss. Proper diet intake with medicines like drakshadi kashayam can help the person back to normal health. Ayurveda medicines like gandharvahastadi kashayam, dhanwantaram gulika, villwadi gulika etc can help with post surgical gastric issues. Haridrakhandam or Vyoshaadi vatakam may be taken to reduce anorexia & allergic issues related with deranged immunity.

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