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Speech is the prominent way of communication among humans. It needs proper training from childhood to listen understand and speak. Speaking skills are modified through many adaptive changes by generations. It needs a gradual & steady development of structures associated with speech from the foetus. F After birth, in childhood the language is grasped from the surrounding people as a part of growing up. Both physical and emotional factors play a role in the proper functioning of organs of speech. Any abnormality in any of these can lead to various kinds of speech disorders.

Stammering- also called stuttering or childhood-onset fluency disorder — is a speech disorder that involves frequent and significant problems with normal fluency and flow of speech. People who stutter know what they want to say, but have difficulty saying it.

Signs and symptoms

  • Difficulty starting a word, phrase or sentence
  • Prolonging a word or sounds within a word
  • Repetition of a sound, syllable or word
  • Brief silence for certain syllables or words, or pauses within a word (broken word)
  • Addition of extra words such as “um” if difficulty moving to the next word is anticipated
  • Excess tension, tightness, or movement of the face or upper body to produce a word
  • Anxiety about talking
  • Limited ability to effectively communicate


Physical (structural defects or any other diseases) or emotional (anxiety, fear or stress) causes can lead to stammering which is developed by abnormalities in speech motor control.

Genetical factors also play a role in some cases of stammering.


There are abnormal auditory feedback systems in persons who stutter. hyperactivity of dopaminergic systems in the central nervous system is also noted.


Examination by a speech-language pathologist (SLP).


Controlling monitoring speech rate

Breathing control

Stuttering modification therapy

Electronic fluency devices


Children and adults who stutter may benefit from treatments such as speech therapy, using electronic devices to improve speech fluency or cognitive behavioural therapy.


  • Problems communicating with others
  • Being anxious about speaking
  • Not speaking or avoiding situations that require speaking
  • Loss of social, school, or work participation and success
  • Being bullied or teased
  • Low self-esteem

Disease & Ayurveda

        Speech disorders are described under a group of disoreders named mooka-minmina-gadgada. In these, stammering comes under gadgada.


        Causative factors for the vitiation of Kapha & vaata by mother (if the patient is child) or the patient himself


        Not mentioned


        Due to the causative factors, the vitiated Kapha gets aavarana of Vaata and affects the sabdavahi dhamani and produces the disease.


        Luptapadavyanjanaadi – missing syllables or consonants

            Avyaktavak – indistinct pronunciation or lack of fluency in speech

            Aspashta vachana – unclear speech

            Swalpa-asambandha vak – less or meaningless words

            Gharghara sabda – hoarseness of voice


            Not mentioned


            Yaapya in doshaja

            Asadhya in sahaja


            Ayurvedic treatment is found very beneficial in stammering especially in children. It is based upon clearing the aavarana of Kapha from the sabdavaahi dhamanis and normalising the functioning of Vaata.


Lepanam with Rookshana dravyas










In severe & needed cases, vamanam, virechanam, snehavasti and kashayavasti are done.

Commonly used medicines

        Kalyanakam kashayam

Dhanwantharam Kashayam

Dasamoolam Kashayam

Ashtavargam Kashayam

Kalyanavaleha Churna

            Dasamoolakadutrayam kashayam


Saraswatam ghritam

Vacharudrakshadi choornam

Saraswatha Churna

Brands available

AVS Kottakal

AVP Coimbatore

SNA oushadhasala

Vaidyaratnam oushadhasala

Home remedies

Practising speech therapy


  • To be avoided

Heavy meals and difficult to digest foods – cause indigestion.

Junk foods- cause disturbance in digestion and reduces the bioavailability of the medicine

Carbonated drinks – makes the stomach more acidic and disturbed digestion

Refrigerated and frozen foods – causes weak and sluggish digestion by weakening Agni (digestive fire)

Milk – increase kapha, cause obstruction in channels and obesity

Curd – causes vidaaha and thereby many other diseases

  • To be added

Light meals and easily digestible foods

Green gram, soups, honey, ghee, butter etc after normalising Agni

Freshly cooked and warm food processed with cumin seeds, ginger, black pepper, ajwain etc


Protect yourself from cold climate.

Better to avoid exposure to excessive sunlight wind rain or dust.

Maintain a regular food and sleep schedule.

Avoid holding or forcing the urges like urine, faeces, cough, sneeze etc.

Avoid sedentary lifestyle. Be active.


Regular stretching and mild cardio exercises are advised. Also, specific yogacharya including naadisuddhi pranayama, bhujangaasana, pavanamuktasana is recommended.

Regular exercise helps improve bioavailability of the medicine and food ingested and leads to positive health.

 Yoga can maintain harmony within the body and with the surrounding system.

Yoga for stammering


Nadisudhi pranayama


Simple exercises for lungs and heart health

All the exercises and physical exertions must be decided and done under the supervision of a medical expert only.

Research articles

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