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Pramehoushadhi is a patent medicine manufactured by The Pharmaceutical Corporation (IM) Kerala limited, popularly known as Oushadhi. This is renowned for treating diabetes and associated complications like drowsiness, fatigue and constipation.


Sl. No.Scientific nameSanskrit nameProperties
1Emblica officinalisAmalakiIt is said as the supreme medicine for diabetes in Ayurveda. It also relives constipation
2Salacia oblongaSaptarangiUsed to treat diabetes and seems to reduce blood glucose level.
3Curcuma longaHaridraIt  is said as the supreme medicine for Diabetes in Ayurveda along with Amla.
4Trigonella foenum graceumMethikaReduces cholesterol, diabetes, gastritis, hyper acidity
5Vernonia anthelminticaSomarajaIt act as anthelminthic and detoxifier. It is also laxative in nature.
6Phyllanthus amarusBhoomyamalakiIt is used in the treatment of fever, liver disorders, jaundice and skin diseases.
7Caesalpinia sappanPadmakamCures burning sensation, neuropathy, and has anti-oxidant and hepato-protective activity.
8Pterocarpus marsupiumAsanaDecoction of heart wood used to treat Type II DM
9Strychnos potatorumKatakamReduces vitiated kapha and vata doshas. It act as laxative and reduces toxicity.
10Ixora coccineaParanthiUsed to treat diabetes, skin diseases
11Symplocos cochinchinensisLodhraUsed to treat bleeding disorders, ulcers, burning sensation
12Aerva lanata gorakshaganjaIt is anthelminthic, and useful in lithiasis. It is having action in urinary system.
13Vetiveria ZizanioidesUsheeramUsed in treating dysuria, burning sensation, fatigue, etc.
14Momordica charantiaKaravellaIt is used to treat increased blood sugar level, liver diseases and detoxifies blood.

The ingredients used in preparing Pramehoushadhi have action in urinary system and some are having laxative property. Drugs like usheera used in treating burning sensation. These can occur in Diabetes cases and intake of Pramehoushadhi may help to cure them also along with reducing blood sugar level. 


Powder: 100 g or 200 g bottles

Tablets: 10 x 10 blister of 500mg tab

DOSAGE of Pramehoushadhi:

Choornam or Powder

5-10 gm. powder in boiled and cooled water, preferably prepared with diabetic drinks or Luke warm water in empty stomach in the morning. Dose may be maintained according to the blood sugar level as directed by the physician.


 I -2 tab twice daily 10 min before food or as directed by the physician


The yoga, pranayama and meditation practice are capable of providing health to the body and mind. Generally it is desirable to follow,

  • Sooryanamaskara
  • Gomukhasana
  • Matsyendriasana
  • Anuloma viloma pranayama
  • Bhastrika pranayama

All this can improve the mental status of the people, and improve concentration.


No specific do’s and don’ts are specified. But it is desirable to follow  diet pattern congenial for diabetes.


Persons with allergy to Turmeric should not use this formulation. It is desirable to have regular monitoring of blood glucose level.

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