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Chiruvilwadi ghrutha is a formulation said in the context of ghee preparations in Sahasrayogam. This ghee preparation is having importance in disorders of Gastro-intestinal system because it possesses property to correct the status of Agni (digestion and metabolism). 


Chiruvilwadi ghrutham is indicated in conditions like,

  • Kshaya
  • Gulma (abdominal tumour)
  • Aruchi (anorexia)
  • Soola (colic)
  • Kasa (cough)
  • Hikka (hiccoughs)
  • Diseases of rectum like haemorrhoids                                                                                       


Sl. No.English nameSanskrit nameLatin NameProportion
1Indian ElmChiruvilwaHoloptelea integrifolia        Equal quantity for preparing ghee (decoction should be 4 times of ghee)
2False black pepperVidangaEmbelia ribes
3Lead wortChitramoolaPlumbago zeylanica
4Wild eggs plantHimsra (kantakari)Solanum virginianum
5Chebulic MyrobalanHareetakiTerminalia chebula
6Belleric myrobalanVibhitakiTerminalia bellerica
7Indian gooseberryAmalakiPhyllanthus emblica
8Dry gingerSuntiZingiber officinalis
9Long pepperPippaliPiper longum
10Black pepperMaricha 
11GiloyGuduchiTinospora cordifoliaEqual quantity as fine paste (1/6 parts of ghee)
12Indian ateesAtivishaAconitum heterophyllum
13Wild eggs plantKantakariSolanum virginianum
14Cow’s gheeGhrutham 4 parts
15WaterJalam 8 times of drugs for preparing decoction


Preparation of decoction

The drugs for kashaya are taken in equal quantity and made into coarse powder. To this add eight times water. It is boiled to reduce the kashaya to ¼th quantity. Filter and collect the kashaya.

Preparation of kalka:

Since the liquid portion of ghee is decoction the proportion of paste of drugs should be 1/6th part of ghee.

Preparation of ghee

Take ghee in suitable vessel, to which add fine paste of drugs and kashaya. Cook the ghee in mild fire till the paste of drugs can be rolled to a wick shape. After attaining this stage, filter and collect the ghee.


Sl. No.IngredientsProperties
 ChiruvilwaIt balances kapha pitta dosha. It stimulates digestive fire and laxative in nature.
 VidangaThis is the best drug in treating worm infestation. Useful in treating skin diseases, diabetes, skin diseases, colic pain, bloating, abdominal distension. It helps in expulsion of doshas (vitiated humours) from the head.
 ChitramoolaBalances vata kapha dosha. It improves digestion, and useful in skin diseases, worm infestation, haemorrhoids, amenorrhea, hepatomegaly and spenomegaly.
 HareetakiIt is having hot potency, improves colour of skin, promotes bowel movement, improves intelligence, relieves inflammation, improve vision, intelligence and memory. It is having rejuvinative, digestive properties.
 VibhitakiBalances Kapha and Pitta dosha. It is cold to touch but have hot potency. It cures fever, and cough. It is having antioxidant, antimicrobial, antidiarrheal, anti-hypertensive, hepato-protective and antipyretic activities.
 AmalakiIt is the best among anti-ageing herbs. It improves vision, balances tridoshas (three bodily humours), anti-diabetic, and aphrodisiac. It improves voice, cures burning sensation, fever, and strengthens immune system.
 SuntiIt improves taste and cures anorexia. It balances vata kapha dosha. It is having anti-inflammatory property. It relieves abdominal pain, constipation, throat disorders, bloating, cough, cold, vomiting and hiccups. 
 PippaliBalances vata kapha vitiation. It improves digestion, anti-ageing, rejuvinative, good in respiratory disease, cough, fever, diabetes, abdominal tumours, and haemorrhoids.
 MarichaIt alleviates vata kapha dosha. It improves taste and digestion. It alleviates bloating, chronic respiratory diseases, intestinal worm infestations, cardiac diseases and recurrent fever.
 GuduchiBalances tridosha, and has hot potency. It is rejuvinative, improve strength, relieves diabetes, anaemia, jaundice, skin diseases, worms, etc.
 AtivishaIt balances tridoshas, it is having anti –toxic effect. It is also digestive, carminative and absorbent.
 KantakariIt cures vitiated vata kapha dosha. It is having anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic, stimulant, carminative, expectorant and demulcent action. It is cardio-tonic and aphrodisiac.



5 to 10 ml is given with suitable adjuvant. Warm water or decoction suitable to the disease can be adopted as adjuvant.


Yoga posture which helps to maintain healthy digestive system can be adopted. Also, yoga and meditation helps in maintaining healthy mind which helps in the maintenance healthy body. Can adopt,

  • Paschimothanasana
  • Pavanamukthasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Vajrasana
  • Anuloma viloma pranayama
  • Bhastrika pranayama


Always it is desirable to take hot, light and easy to digest food during the ghrutha sevana kala (time of administration). Also avoid day sleep, night awakening, etc.


No side effects are noticed.



Sahasrayogam Ghrita prakaranam.


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