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Musaleekhadiradi kashayam is an Ayurvedic medicine for leucorrhoea, excessive uterine bleeding and many diseases in the female reproductive system.

Benefits of Musaleekhadiradi kashayam

 It is beneficial in conditions like whitish discharge, dysfunctional uterine bleeding with low backache and abdominal pain etc. It works as a coolant and cures fever associated with Pitta dominance.

 In Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, it is used to heal the inflammation and improve the function of the affected organs. It is beneficial even in cases of vaginal inflammations with burning sensation and redness.

It is used to treat anaemia and other deficiency diseases in women. It works as a hepato-protective formulation.

It is beneficial in gastric ulcer with severe burning sensation, heartburn and sour belching.

It is used in the treatment of heat rash, acne, oozing pustules, blisters, nail bed infections etc where redness and burning sensation are the predominant signs.

It is used to treat hot flushes associated with menopause. It is beneficial in inflammatory vaginal diseases with redness and burning sensation.

Indications of Musaleekhadiradi kashayam

Asthisravam                     – Leucorrhoea

Pradaram                         – Excessive vaginal discharge/ Bleeding

Ingredients of Musaleekhadiradi kashayam

White musali/Indian spider plantMusaliChlorophytum borivilianum L.

It is a famous herbal aphrodisiac. It is used to cure lethargy & weakness, acts as an aphrodisiac and revitalizer, as general sex tonic, remedy for diabetes, arthritis and increasing body immunity. It is curative for natal and postnatal problems, for rheumatism, and it increases lactation in feeding mothers. It is an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antitumor agent, also used in diarrhoea, dysentery, gonorrhoea, leukorrhea etc. It has spermatogenic property and is found useful in curing impotency.

Cutch treeKhadiraAcacia catechu

It is the best drug for skin diseases. It is widely used to treat acute and chronic skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, heat rashes etc. It is a blood purifier and is used in bleeding disorders, fever, inflammatory arthritis, diabetic wounds etc.

Amla, Indian gooseberryAmalakiEmblica officinalis GAERTN.

Amla exhibits strong antioxidant activity. It is one of the most important plants in the traditional Ayurvedic medical system as well as in other traditional health systems for immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antiulcer and hepatoprotective actions. It is widely used for anti-diabetic effect. It is a part of the famous group of drugs called Thriphala.

Puncture vine  Gokshura/ ThrikantakaTribulus terrestris

It is useful in diseases such as hormonal imbalance, sexual problems, heart problems, kidney problems and various skin diseases. It helps in reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Java plumJambuSyzigium cumini

Different parts of java plum with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuropsycho-pharmacological, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-HIV, antileishmanial, antifungal, nitric oxide scavenging, free radical scavenging, anti-diarrheal, antifertility, anorexigenic, gastroprotective and anti-ulcerogenic, behavioural effects and radioprotective activities. Besides the above, studies are done on the effect of various concentrations of the leaf extracts of the plant on the radiation-induced micronuclei formation.

Wild asparagusSatavariAsparagus racemosus

It has anti-oxidants and immuno-stimulants.  It has anti-inflammatory, anti-hepatotoxic, anti-bacterial, anti-oxytocic, and reproductive agents.


Madhu – honey

Details of the manufacturing

Musaleekhadiradi kashayam has six ingredients in equal quantity.

All these ingredients should be washed well and dried up in shade.

Take the prescribed herbs in dried & crushed form in an earthen pot. Now add 16 times clean water into it. Make it boil and then cook in the open vessel with low fire. Reduce the quantity into one by eighth of the initial quantity. Make sure to mix it in between with a wooden spatula. Also, the fire should be kept low to make sure that all the active ingredients in the herbs needed are absorbed well into the water. Once the quantity is reduced to one by eighth of the initial amount of water, remove the vessel from the fire. Squeeze and drain through a clean white cloth. Collect the decoction in a clean vessel and discard the solid waste. Drink the cooled decoction adding honey to it.

Dosha Dooshya Predominance with roga margas.

Musaleekhadiradi kashayam is Pitta-kaphahara.

It acts aabhyantara and bahir rogamarga.

Dosage and Usage of Musaleekhadiradi kashayam

Dosage: two Pala.


Kashayam is advised to take in empty stomach, once the ingested food is digested well and aahaararasa is formed well.

Usage of kashayam with prescribed prakshepadravyas according to the condition of disease and the patient gives the best results mostly.

Here, it is advised to add honey with the kashayam.

Exercises and Yoga.

Musaleekhadiradi kashayam is used in a wide variety of diseases. Exercises should be decided considering the disease. While it targets mainly reproductive system, vigorous exercises which exert abdominal pressure are not allowed in painful conditions. In such persons, only stretching, moderate walking, and mild cardio exercises are advised.

 Also, specific yogacharya for correcting Apaanavayu and strengthening reproductive system including bhujangaasana, pavanamuktasana, vajrasana etc is recommended.

Sookshma sandhi vyayama (warming up small joints) is advised.

Regular exercise helps improve bioavailability of the medicine and food ingested and leads to positive health.

 Yoga can maintain harmony within the body and with the surrounding system.




All the exercises and physical exertions must be decided and done under the supervision of a medical expert only.

Recommended diet and behaviour


  • To be avoided

Heavy meals and difficult to digest foods – cause indigestion.

 junk foods- cause disturbance in digestion and reduces the bioavailability of the medicine

 carbonated drinks – makes the stomach more acidic and disturbed digestion

refrigerated and frozen foods – causes weak and sluggish digestion by weakening Agni (digestive fire)

curd – causes vidaaha and thereby many other diseases

Red chilli and other pungent, hot and spicy food items. Eg.pickles.

  • To be added

Light meals and easily digestible foods

Green gram, soups, milk and ghee.

 freshly cooked and warm food processed with cumin seeds, ginger, ajwain etc


Avoid stress.

Better to avoid exposure to excessive sunlight wind rain or dust.

Avoid sedentary lifestyle. Be active.

Maintain a regular food and sleep schedule.

Avoid holding or forcing the urges like urine, faeces, cough, sneeze etc.

Side effects and contraindications

No known side effects reported

Classical reference


Equivalent medicines.

Khadiraseetadi kashayam

Brands Available

AVS Kottakal


AVN Madurai

AVP Coimbatore

Nagarjuna Ayurveda

Vaidyaratnam oushadhasala

Research papers





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