Siledin is a safe Ayurvedic psychotropic drug and is a potent anxiolytic drug. It is a supportive drug in psychiatric diseases. It reduces emotional stress and provides a state o well-being. It is given during electroconvulsive therapy to reduce the side effects like memory disturbances, sexual neurosis, etc.

It provides a natural sleep and keeps the mind fresh. It improves alertness also. It is having no side effects like other psychotropic drugs.  


  • Anxiety, emotional disturbances, insomnia
  • Schizophrenia
  • Epilepsy
  • Hysteria
  • Psychosis
  • Enuresis in children
  • Memory failure in old age


Sl. No.IngredientsBotanical nameProperties
1SarpagandhaRauwolfia serpentinaUsed in treating insomnia, antihypertensive, and tranquillizing drug
2ShankhapushpiConvolvulus pluricaulisBoosts memory, useful in mental disorders, depression, insomnia
3BhangraEclipta albaRejuvinative
4BrahmiBacopa monnieriImproves memory, used in treating dementia, depression, insomnia, etc.
5JeevantiLeptadenia reticulateRejuvinative
6KambojiBreynia patens
7VachaAcorus calamusUseful in treating psychiatric diseases


3 to 4 tablets three times a day in severe cases and then can reduce the dose as the symptoms get reduce.


Pack of 50 or 100 tablets


Yoga, pranayama and meditation can help to control the mind and keep it healthy. A healthy body can only have a healthy mind and so regular exercise is necessary. Can practice meditation with the help of an expert.


Siledin in psychosomatic and psychoneurotic conditions

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