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Bangshil is used in management of infections of genito-urinary system. It gives both symptomatic relief and reduces bacterial infection. It is astringent, diuretic, tonic, antibiotic in nature. Symptomatic cure is obtained within two to three days in acute urinary tract infections. This can be used for ling term in recurrent urinary tract infections.

INDICATIONS of Bangshil Tablets

Acute and chronic UTI



Chronic vaginitis


INGREDIENTS of Bangshil Tablets

Sl No.IngredientsEnglish name or  botanical nameProperties
 Vanga bhasmaIncinerated tinGood in urinary disorders, gonorrhoea
 ShilajitPurified Asphaltum punjabinumUseful in genito-urinary system
 Makshika bhasmaIncinerated chalcopyriteUsed in urinary tract infections Anti-inflammatory
 ChandanSantalum albumRelieves burning sensation, diuretic, and cures cystitis, urethritis, vaginitis
 KasisaFerrous sulphateCures urinary tract infection, urolithiasis
 Tamal patraCinnamomum tamalaUsed in treating diseases of urinary tract
 DantimoolBaliospermum montanumAnalgesic, used in urolithiasis
 NishotarOperculina turpethumAnti-inflammatory
 VanskapoorBamboo mannaAnti-inflammatory, relieves burning sensation


2 tablets 3 to 4 times a day considering the severity of symptoms.


Bottle of 50 or 100 tablets


Alarsin Pharmaceuticals


  • Can take probiotics like saurkert
  • Take necessary quantity of water
  • Vegetables like cucumber, ash gourd, spinach
  • Avoid acid fruits
  • Avoid fried, spicy food, carbonated soft drinks


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