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Chyavanaprasam is one of the anti ageing supplements, which is purely herbal in nature. Amla as its main ingredient, which is a powerful antioxidant. Chavana maharishi discovered this medicine, so it came to be known as Chyavanaprasam.

BENEFITS OF Chyavanaprasam

  • Act as a Rejuvenate medicine
  • Complete nourished medicine
  • Improves Medha
  • Improves skin luster
  • Improves strength  of sense organs
  • Improves Immunity
  • Improves appetite

INDICATIONS OF Chyavanaprasam

  • Fertility
  • Regularity in Menstruation
  • Depression
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Constipation

INGREDIENTS OF Chyavanaprasam

Each 10 gm contains:

For the preparation of Amalaki

1AmalakiEmblica OfficinalisFruit75 kg

 For the preparation of Kashayam:

1VasakaAdhatoda VasicaRoot900gm
2BilwaAegle marmelosRoot900gm
3AgaruAquilaria agallochaWood900mg
4PunarnavaBoerhavia diffusaLeaf900mg
5KarchoorCurcuma ZedoariaRhizome900gm
6MustakCyperus rotundusRhizome900gm
7ShalaparniDesmodium gangeticumRoot900gm
8ElaElettaria cardamomumSeed900gm
9Kshira KakoliFritillaria RoyleiRhizome900gm
10GambhariGmelina arboreaRoot900gm
11RiddhiHabenaria intermediaFlower900gm
12PushkarmoolInula RacemosaRoot900gm
13VidariIpomoea DigitataRhizome900gm
14JeevantiLeptadenia ReticulataRoot900gm
15KakoliLilium PolyphyllumRhizome900gm
16MedaLitsea GlutinosaRoot900gm
17JeevakaMicrostylis musciferaRoot900gm
18VrishabhakaMicrostylis wallichiiLeaf900gm
19UtpalaNymphaea StellataFlower900gm
20ShyonakaOroxylum indicumRoot900gm
21MudgaparniPhaseolus TrilobusWhole plant900gm
22Bhumi AmlaPhyllanthus UrinariaWhole plant900gm
23PippaliPiper LongumFruit900gm
24KarkatakashringiPistacia integerrimaFruit900gm
25Maha MedaPolgonatamcirrhifoliumRoot900gm
26AgnimanthaPremna corymbosaRoot900gm
27Red sandal woodPterocarpus santalinusWood900gm
28VidarikandPueraria TuberosaRhizome900gm
29White sandal woodSantalum albumWood900gm
30BalaSida cordifoliaRoot900gm
31BrihatiSolanum indicumWhole plant900gm
32KantakariSolanum SurattenseWhole plant900gm
33PatalaStereospermum suaveolensFlower900gm
34MashaparniTeramnus LabialisLeaf900gm
35HaritakiTerminalia chebulaFruit900gm
36GuduchiTinospora CordifoliaStem900gm
37GokshuraTribulus terrestrisFlower900gm
38PrishnaparniUraria pictaLeaf900gm
39MudgaparniVigna trilobataLeaf900gm
40DrakshaVitis viniferaFruit900gm

For the preparation of Prakshepaka choornam:

1PippaliPiper longumFruit240gm
2DalchiniCinnamomum zeylanicumSeed240gm
3ElaElettaria cardamomumSeed240gm
4TejpataCinnamomum tamalaSeed240gm
5NagkesarMesua FerreaFlower240gm

Cow’s ghee – 4 kg

Sesame Oil _4kg

Sugar_46 kg

Honey _5 kg

Method of Preparation:

Firstly, prepare Amla pulp (boiled up to 7 hrs) after that remove the seeds fully, make it as paste form and then it should be fried with ghee and sesame oil till it reaches the consistency. On the same day itself, we should prepare kashayam, after the completion of kashayam process, we should filter it . Then add sugar to this kashayam, continuous stir should be needed. After few hours, we should mix the amla pulp, stir should do properly. When it attains Avaleha paka, we should add the prakshepaka choornam slowly, stir it properly. After cooling, we should add honey, till reaches the paka.

Points to be noted:

Sugar content varies brand to brand and some companies do not add sesame oil, but in classical text Charaka Samhita, sesame oil is a main ingredient of chyavanaprash.

Honey is added when chyavanaprash is cooled down.

For KIDS – Before buying, check the label of chyavanaprash for its ingredients. Purchase simple chyavanaprash, which does not contain Makardhwaj. Makardhwaj may not be suitable for children as studies shows.

The correct method of taking Chyavanaprash is eating it by licking without milk or any other adjuvant. If you want to drink milk, then it should be best if it is taken after half an hour.

DOSE WITH USAGE OF Chyavanaprash

Age ( 1- 3) – 1 to 2 gms

Age (3 – 5) – 3 to 4 gms

Age (6 – 12) _ 4 to 7 gms

Age (13 – 19) _ 7 to 15 gms

Age (19 – 60) _ 15 to 25 gms

Age above 60 yrs _ 7 to 15 gms

On empty stomach in the early morning, Eat it without any adjuvant.  For better results, use under the supervision of a qualified Ayurveda doctor will deliver best cure for different ailments.


Aerobic exercise like running, swimming etc

Padmasana yoga

Sarvangasana yoga

Paschimottanasana yoga


 Avoid High fat and high sugar foods in daily food regimen.

Research paper on Chyavanaprash

Chyavanaprash: A Traditional Indian Bioactive Health Supplement by Rohit Sharma, Natalia Martins, and Pradeep Kumar Prajapati   published in Biomolecules 2019 may, 9(5).161.

BRANDS available of Chyavanaprash

Dabur, Baidyanath, Zandu, Arya Vaidya Sala.


Till now side effect was not reported, but use under supervision of Ayurvedic doctor.

Better avoid in Diabetic patients.


Chyavanaprash is an Ayurvedic health supplement which is made up of a super – concentrated blend of nutrient – rich herbs and minerals.  It is meant to restore drained reserves of life force (ojas) and to preserve strength, stamina, and vitality.

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