Sathadhautha Ghrutham – Benefits, Ingredients, Indications, Dosage, Usage, Preparation, Side effects, Equivalent Medicines, Research Papers

Sathadhautha Ghrutham (Sata means hundred and dhautha means washed) is an ayurvedic formulation used extensively in burns, wounds, and skin disorders. It is prepared by washing pure cow ghee in water for 100 times.


Can be used for external application in pitta and vata predominant conditions.

  • Sunburns
  • Scalds from hot water or liquids
  • Moisturizing agent for dry skin
  • Skin rashes
  • Cracked skin on hands and feet
  • Burning sensation of palm, feet
  • Dry eczema
  • Fresh wounds
  • Napkin rashes
  • Anal fissures

It is used as a base for several other medicated ghees and ointments



  1. Melted cow ghee
  2. Cold water (4 times the quantity of the ghee)

Melted cow ghee is added to cold water and churned well. This forms an emulsion of ghee and water as supernatant. The excess water is decanted. Obtained ghee is added to freshwater and churned again. The process is repeated for 100 times.

Emulsion, in physical chemistry, a mixture of two or more liquids in which one is present as droplets, of microscopic or ultramicroscopic size, distributed throughout the other. In Satadhautha ghrta, the emulsification is brought about by churning. Through the repeated churning in water, the Sita veerya and sookshma guna (subtle nature) of the ghrta is enhanced.


A small amount of Satadhauta ghrta is taken on the fingers and gently applied to the affected area.


  • Not to be used internally
  • Not to be used when there is oozing of pus or fluids


शतवारम् शीतजलेन धौतम् फेनिलम् घृतम् शतधौतघृतम् (Susruta Samhita Uttaratantra 39/283 – Dalhana commentary)


  • Sahasra dhautha ghrta ( Ghee washed in water 1000 times)
  • Jatyadi ghrta



  • Shata- dhauta- ghrita – A case study

  • Shatdhauta Ghrita – A Evaluation Study in Pediatrics–a-evaluation-study-in-pediatrics.php?aid=21733

  • Burn wound healing potential of Plain gritha, Shatadhauta ghrita and Sahasradhauta ghrita on wistar albino rats

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