Benefits, Indications, Dose, Usage, Diet, Exercises, Research Papers and Precautions for Pramehoushadhi Diabetic Powder

Pramehoushadhi Diabetic Powder

Benefits of Pramehoushadhi Diabetic Powder

Pramehoushadhi is a patented anti-diabetic powder for the treatment of Type II Diabetes. This unique combination contains 14 herbs which are proven effective for the management of Diabetes. The chronic illness Diabetes requires long term therapy and Pramehoushadhi is designed to deliver the results without any harmful side effects. It prevents the diabetic patients to develop sequel which is the nightmare of most of the patients.

Ingredients of Pramehoushadhi

Sl NoSanskrit NameBotanical NameParts UsedQuantity
1KarelaMomordica charantiaFruits 
2AranyajeerakamVernonia anthelminticaSeed 
3UsheeramVetiveria zizanioidesRoot 
4BhadraAerva lenataRoot 
5PadmakaCaesalpinia sappanHeart Wood 
6LodhraSymplocos racemosaStem Bark 
7ParantheemulamIxora coccineaRoot 
8AmalakiEmblica officinalisFruit 
9EkanayakamSalacia oblongaRoot 
10NishaCurcuma longaRhizome 
11MethikaTrigonella foenum- graceumSeed 
12AmalakiPhyllanthus amarusFruit 
13AsanamPterocarpus marsupiumHeart Wood 
14KathakamStrychnos potatorumSeed 

Indications of Pramehoushadhi

Diabetes Type II


Mode of Usage of Pramehoushadhi Diabetic Powder

Take 5- 10 gms of Pramehoushadhi Powder and mix with Butter milk or hot water and drink in the morning and evening depending on the blood sugar level.

Diet for Pramehoushadhi Diabetic Powder

Avoid all types of artificial sugar and fried food. Add enough green fresh vegetables to the daily intake.

Exercises for Pramehoushadhi Diabetic Powder

Forty minutes walking or twenty minutes swimming, Yoga and meditation helps to maintain blood sugar levels well under control.

Research Papers of Pramehoushadhi Diabetic Powder

There are so many Pubmed indexed studies regarding the anti-diabetic properties of the ingredients of Pramehoushadhi has been published.

Precautions of Pramehoushadhi Diabetic Powder

Please maintain the optimum dose of the powder and monitor the blood sugar. In case of hypoglycaemia, please take glucose immediately.

Presentation of Pramehoushadhi Diabetic Powder

100gms, 200gms


Oushadhi Pharmaceuticals ( A Government of Kerala ( India) Undertaking)

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