You Will Never Thought That Vasthyamayanthakam Ghrutham Could Be So Beneficial!

Vasthyamayanthakam Ghrutham

Vasthyamayanthakam Ghrutham is beneficial in dysuria, Calculi, Cyst, all renal diseases, Diabetes ,and genitourinary diseases caused due to Vata and Pitta. It’s used in medicated enema or Basti or Vasti. The textual reference confirms this medicated formula is the giving cure to all pelvic diseases.

Indications of Vasthyamayanthakam Ghrutham

Urinary tract infections

Renal Calculi



Renal carcinoma

Ingredients of Vasthyamayanthakam Ghrutham

  Latin Name Part Used Content
  Decoction of    
  Berberis aristata Stem Bark 1.8 g
  Madhuca indica Heart Wood 1.8 g
  Alternanthera sessilis Plant 1.8 g
  Nelumbo nucifera Flower 1.8 g
  Bergenia ligulate Root 1.8 g
  Solanum indicum Plant 1.8 g
  Desmodium gangeticum Plant 1.8 g
  Uraria picta Plant 1.8 g
  Hemidesmus indicus Root 1.8 g
  Cryptolepis buchanani Root 1.8 g
  Saccharum officinarum Stem 1.8 g
  Cyperus scariosus Rhizome 1.8 g
  Sphaeranthus indicus Root 1.8 g
  Asteracantha longifolia Root 1.8 g
  Spermacoce hispida Root 1.8 g
  Moringa pterigosperma Stem bark 1.8 g
  Coleus vettiveroides Plant 1.8 g
  Dioscoria bulbifera Root trunk 1.8 g
  Crataeva nurvala Stem bark 1.8 g
  Vitis vinifera Fruit 1.8 g
  Aerva lanata Root 1.8 g
  Glycyrrhiza glabra Root 1.8 g
  Gmelina arborea Root 1.8 g
  Tribulus terrestris Fruit 39.6 g
  Juice of    
  Asparagus racemosus Root Tuber 20 ml
  Emblica officinalis Fruit 20 ml
  Coccinea indica Plant 20 ml
  Benincasa hispida Fruit 20 ml
  Paste of    
  Phoenix pussilla Root .0417 g
  Nymphea stellate Rhizome .0417 g
  Elettaria cardamomum Seed .0417 g
  Madhuca indica Flower .0417 g
  Santalum album Heart Wood .0417 g
  Cedrus deodara Heart Wood .0417 g
  Terminalia chebula Fruit .0417 g
  Terminalia bellerica Fruit .0417 g
  Emblica officinalis Fruit .0417 g
  Piper longum Fruit .0417 g
  Vitex agnus-castus Seed .0417 g
  Zingiber officinale Rhizome .0417 g
  Rock Salt   .0417 g
  Scindapsus officinalis Fruit .0417 g
  Achyranthes aspera Root .0417 g
  Rubia cordifolia Root .0417 g
  Nelumbo nucifera Androecium disk rhizome .0417 g
  Cyperus rotundus Rhizome .0417 g
  Coriandrum sativum Fruit .0417 g
  Symplocos racemosa Stem Bark .0417 g
  Withania somnifera Root .0417 g
  Boerhaavia diffusa Root .0417 g
  Mucuna prurita Root .0417 g
  Asteracantha longifolia Plant .0417 g
  Cajanus scarabaeoides Leaf .0417 g
  Pistacia integerrima Gum .0417 g
  Asphault   .55 g
  Base and Others    
  Tender Coconut Water   20 ml
  Cow’s Milk   20 ml
  Ghee   20 ml

Reference of Vasthyamayanthakam Ghrutham

Sahasrayogam Ghrita Yogas /107

Dosage of  Vasthyamayanthakam Ghrutham

10 gms twice daily or as directed by the physician.

Diet for Vasthyamayanthakam Ghrutham

Vegetarian Diet

Precautions of Vasthyamayanthakam Ghrutham

Avoid food that is heavy to digest.

Avoid day sleep.

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