Gaytarin tablets- Benefits, ingredients, indications, dosage, diet, side effects, research papers and FAQs

Gaytarin tablets from Aryaaushadhi Pharmaceuticals

Gaytarin tablet is an Ayurvedic medicine for



Loss of appetite

Benefits of Gaytarin tablet

Regulates metabolism.

Purely Ayurvedic and free from side effects.

Treats inflammation.

Improves blood circulation to the muscle and bony tissues.

Clears the channel blocks.

Gaytarin tablet Dosage and Directions for Use


Two tablets twice daily or consult your medical doctor. You can avail free service from our team here.


Please avoid spicy food and

The composition of Gaytarin tablet

Each Tablet Contains:

Kanchnar Guggul 350mg

Gandmalakandan Ras 75mg

Praval Panchamrit Ras 25mg

Rasmanikiya 25mg

Nag Bhasma 15mg

Yashad Bhasma 10mg

Processed In:

Krimighan Qwath, 100mg

Kanchnar ( Bauhinia variegata) 50mg

Gorakmundi (Sphaeranthus indicus) 50mg

Jalkumbhi ( Pistia stratiotes) 50mg

Punarnava ( Boerhaavia diffusa) 50mg

Triphala  50mg

Varuna ( Crataeva religiosa) 50mg

Dasamul ( Ten roots-  Aegle marmelos, Desmodium gangeticum, Gmelina arborea, Oroxylum indicum, Premna serratifolia, Pseudarthria viscida, Solanum violaceum, Solanum xanthocarpum, Stereospermum chelonoides, Tribulus terrestris  50mg each)

Kanchnar ( Bauhinia variegata)

Kanchnar is small tree found allover India and is specifically used in all Ayurvedic preparations to treat Thyroid disorders. A study on female mice by Dr. S. Panda and Dr. A. Kar proved Bauhinia bark extract increased both T4 and T3 levels in female mice. The plant extract showed an increase in hepatic glucose-6-phosphatase (G-6-Pase) activity and antiperoxidative effects as indicated either by a decrease in hepatic lipid peroxidation (LPO) and/or by an increase in the activity of the antioxidant enzyme(s). It appears that the plant extract can stimulate thyroid function in female mice     

Varuna ( Crataeva religiosa)

Crataeva nurvula   commonly termed  as  Varuna  is  a valuable  medicinal plant,  belonging  to  the  family, Capparidaceae is   reported   to   have   analgesic, neuroprotective, antiarthritic, anticancer, antidiabetic,   cardioprotective,   anti-inflammatory, antioxidant,    hepatoprotective, nephroprotective activities

Ayurveda supports the use of leaves, stem bark and root bark of Crataeva nurvula to regulate equilibrium among three doshas (bodily humor) Vata (air), Pitta (earth) and Kapha (mucous or water). Various acute or subacute studies over Varuna extracts and herbal formulations establish

its  wide safety profile up to  5000  mg/ Kg in rodents as per OECD guidelines  Herb-2

Punarnava ( Boerhaavia diffusa)

The entire herb of Boerhaavia diffusa, family Nyctaginaceae, Punarnava has been used in the traditional medicine since ancient times. It is present in almost all thyroid herbal medicine in one form or another and plays an important role in the treatment of thyroid.

Recommended Diet and Behaviour with Gaytarin tablet

Follow these guidelines for best results and faster action.

  • Follow a good healthy diet with a lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Do specific Yogasanas indicated for thyroid.
  • Drink plenty of boiled water.
  • Do pranayam in the morning
  • Eat light food that doesn’t contain fat and sugar
  • Avoid smoking and drinking
  • Avoid heavy physical and mental activities that induce stress

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