KHADIRARISHTAM- Benefits, Ingredients, Indications, Dosage, Usage, Preparation, Side effects, Equivalent Medicines, Research Papers

Khadirarishtam is an effective Ayurvedic medicine for all types of skin diseases. It can be used in many chronic diseases like anaemia, cancer and even leprosy.

Benefits of Khadirarishtam

It is used in all types of skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, scabies, acne, pustules, blisters, vitiligo etc. Being a blood purifier, this medicine helps in healing skin problems. It is also found efficient in removing scars and improving complexion.
It improves functions of circulatory system.
It is also used in the treatment of heart diseases, anaemia, cancer, cysts, worms, respiratory disorders, splenomegaly, ulcerations and wounds etc.
It is helpful in painful & distended abdomen with indigestion, belching, flatulence etc. It reduces unnecessary growths and masses inside like cysts, tumors and lumps. It is found beneficial in some cases of cancers.