Alarsin G-32 tablet

Alarsin G-32 tablet is an effective Ayurvedic medicine for most gum and oral health issues. It may be either acute or chronic. It is effective by local application on the affected area. This formulation is proved to have astringent, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. This medicine helps to enhance and thickens the keratin layer, restores normal orange peel appearance and intact healthy gums.

INDICATIONS of Alarsin G-32 tablet

  • Gingivitis
  • Bleeding gums
  • Painful gums
  • Shaky and painful teeth
  • Non-malignant lesions of oral mucosa
  • Oral trauma

INGREDIENTS of Alarsin G-32 tablet

Sl.NoIngredientsEnglish or Scientific NameProperties
1ElaichiElettaria cardamomumAromatic drugs and provides refreshing breath Antiseptic and analgesic properties
2LavangSyzygium aromaticum
3TajCinnamon stick
4JiraUminum cyminum
5MajithRubia cordifoliaStops bleeding
6MaiphalaQuercus incanaActs as binding to gum and maintain its health
7ChikniCrepe jasmine
8SopariAreca nut
9SonageruRed ochre
10PipalSacred fig
12BakulSpanish cherryRelieves pain and strengthens the root
13KarpurCinnamomum camphora
14PashanabedSaxifrage lingulataRemoves plaques Cleanses teeth Maintain oral health
15VavdingEmbelia ribes
16KulinjanAlpinia galanga
19KathaKahir treeClean teeth Maintain natural whiteness of teeth
20SajikharSarjikakshar Sodium carbonte
21SamudraphenCuttle fish bone

DOSE AND USAGE of Alarsin G-32 tablet

Crush 2 to 3 tablets into fine powder and massage over the affected area.

Keep for 2 to 3 minutes and then rinse with water.

Repeat 2 to 3 times as per the disease severity

PRESENTATION of Alarsin G-32 tablet

Bottle of 50 tablets


Alarsin Pharmaceuticals


Dr. Rajesh Nair

Dr. Rajesh Nair, the co-founder and chief consultant of Ayurvedaforall.Com, is a graduate of prestigious Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College (affiliated with the University of Calicut), Kerala, India. Additionally, he holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy from Annamalai University.

Dr. Nair offers consultation at two busy clinics in and around Haripad, Alleppey, Kerala, the southern state famous worldwide for authentic ayurvedic treatment and physicians. While offering consultation on all aspects of ayurvedic treatments Dr. Nair has a special interest in Panchkarma, Yoga, and Massage.

Through Ayurvedaforall Dr. Nair offers online consultation to patients worldwide and has served hundreds of patients over the last 20 years. In addition to his Ayurvedic practice, he is the chief editor of, the online portal of Ayurveda Medical Association of India, and the state committee member of Ayurveda Medical Association of India.

Dr. Nair is a regular speaker at Ayurveda-related conferences and has visited Germany to propagate Ayurveda. You can write directly to him-

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